Murder season 5 : the lies are they going to stop ? announcement of the teaser of episode 14

The countdown has begun, as the voiceover reminds us : there is one episode in the season finale. The noose seems to close in on Annalise and her own. Who will fall ? ABC / Kelsey McNeal The art of making up the tension, panic heart rhythms, sending a shot of adrenaline, to play with the nerves. It is every year the same and every year it is taken in a trap, scheming of Murder and Peter Nowalk. It is said that this is good, they will not be able to get out of it. And yet… The title of the episode is called Make me the enemy, we can ask if it is a question of sacrifice, of a threat or an instinct of superiority.

It is Gabriel who finally asks the right question, the one that animates the entire series since its inception : “is that the lies never stop ? “. Sometimes, the less we know the more likely you are to survive. For the spectators, it is different. The less we know and the surprise will be beautiful (or painful, or both, depending on circumstances). In all cases, the final promises to be explosive, and with the last, it is possible that it eats away at some nails. Manicure, refrain. Murder – season 5 episode 14 Teaser VO

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